Friday, November 20, 2009

UFO Man Says He's Got Recorded Proof

HOUSTON - Chris Hardman won't be insulted if you don't believe him.

After all, not even his fiancee believes in UFOs.

But Hardman swears he has videotaped dozens of extraterrestrial spacecraft over the past year, both here in Houston and in Austin.

"Most of them are triangular in shape or kind of a teardrop," Hardman says.

He posts his videos on his YouTube channel where you can now view 51 clips, including last Saturdays close encounter with what he describes as an alien flying machine that approached within a few hundred feet.

"They're totally silent but this is the one time I could actually hear one, it got so close. It made kind of a humming sound."

MUFON, the Mutual UFO Network, lists 23 reports of UFO sightings over Harris county so far in 2009.

Hardman thinks that number is a gross underestimate, which is why he keeps his camera handy and his YouTube channel busy.

"People should know about it. People should pay more attention to what's going on over their head."

-- Houston UFO Buff's YouTube Channel:

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