Monday, August 10, 2009

Mutual UFO Network Meets In Denver Aug 9, 2009, CBS4 News

Apparently Colorado is a popular place for Unidentified Flying Objects (UFOs). Last year there were 150 reported sightings in the state. The people who investigate those sightings and UFO sightings worldwide spent this weekend in Denver.

About 400 people gathered in the Denver Tech Center to talk about the unexplained. For 40 years the Mutual UFO Network (MUFON) has been investigating UFO sightings in Colorado and around the world.

"We investigate with the FAA. We investigate with the military; any kind of flights out there. We look at wind direction. We take a very scientific approach and at times we just come up with 'we don't know what it was,'" Barry Roth with MUFON of Colorado said.

Members say although most people who report sightings believe they have seen a UFO, 80 percent of those sightings can be explained.

An example is a photo taken in Denver. A bright light, coupled with a lens flare, turned out to be the planet Jupiter. But many others -- the remaining 20 percent -- remain a mystery.

Nuclear physicist Stanton Friedman is the author of four books on UFOs. He says in more than 50 years of doing investigations, there are still a lot of misperceptions on this subject. He's says his work is based strictly on facts.

"I don't buy anything first time around," Friedman said. "I try to get rid of the mythology and replace it with facts.

Only 7 percent of UFO sightings are believed to be reported. MUFON encourages people to report any unusual sightings to their Web site. They say reporters can remain anonymous and ask for one of their investigations

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